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End of the Year News


Fountain City Meditation is growing!

I have made it my mission to provide meditation support and encouragement in a way that’s practical, down to earth, and free. I was starting to get discouraged, thinking maybe people aren’t interested in this. But once in a while someone reaches out to me and says “I’ve experienced trauma and this meditation helps” or “I have a terrible illness and this helps.” and that reminds me why I’m doing this. If I can help one person, it’s worth it. I have a real passion for sharing these practices that have been so helpful to me. Let’s all train in mindfulness together. And let’s keep going.

Thanks to some wonderful volunteers, I’m going to get some help leading Monday night meditation. So that’s exciting. I never envisioned this as something I’d do by myself forever with no help. 😉
If you know anyone who you think would be interested in leading meditation with us, let me know.
There’s a schedule below so you can find out when different teachers will be leading.

Thank you for being here and supporting my work



Mondays at 7pm @Ubuntu Village 4327 Troost. Kansas City, MO

The point of this meditation group is to give people an opportunity to come together and practice.
Practice – Support – Encouragement

Meditation – Talk – Discussion: Every Monday. 7pm

If you’ve ever gone to a meditation group and felt like you didn’t belong there, this might be for you.
Upcoming Mondays:

12/23: Monday Meditation with Daniel
12/30: Monday Meditation with Whitney Sause
1/6: Monday Meditation with Daniel
1/13: Monday Meditation with Jim Horton

12/23: Meditation with Daniel Scharpenburg. me
Daniel is the founder of Fountain City Meditation. Daniel is a practitioner and teacher of Mindfulness Meditation that’s rooted in the Chinese Zen Tradition. Daniel has been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years and has studied with various teachers. Above all else Daniel believes in meeting people where they are and giving them the encouragement and support that they need.

12/30: Meditation with Whitney Sause. whit
Whitney is a Meditation Teacher, Life Coach, and Reiki Healer. She is the founder of Whitney Sause Coaching. Whitney specializes in coaching women to empower themselves and fall in love with their lives.


1/6: Meditation with Daniel Scharpenburg me



1/13: Meditation with Jim Horton jim
Jim is a longtime Yoga practitioner and teacher and also practices zen meditation. Jim is the founder of Old School Yoga and teaches in various places in the Kansas City area.



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Daniel is a Meditation Teacher in Kansas City. Daniel teaches at the KC Dharma Collective and he is the host of the Kansas City Meditation Podcast. Daniel's background is rooted in the Chan Buddhist Tradition and he was empowered to teach by the Dharma Winds Sangha.